Rebecca Irvine

Becky is responsible for assisting her team members in DASSH with data accession and quality assurance. She started working as a Data Officer within DASSH after working in the Natural Resources Wales Marine Monitoring Team. During her time at NRW, she assisted the team in the collection of marine monitoring data, data transcription and quality assurance and survey organisation. This includes working with data used for Water Framework Directive and Habitats Directive classifications and with the NRW sample reference collection with the National Museum Wales. She has experience working on research vessels collecting grab sample and remote sensing data, intertidal surveys and SCUBA diving surveys. Becky also created public communications media in this role.

Becky spent a year working at a commercial microbiology laboratory after her MRes (Marine Ecosystems and Governance) and BSC (Marine Biology and Oceanography) at Newcastle University. Her MRes research project examined seasonality in stable isotope signatures in Antarctic benthic invertebrate tissues and her final year BSc dissertation examined elasmobranch bycatch reduction methods.  

She gained additional experience working as a research assistant for a few PhD projects, volunteering in marine science outreach, doing a dive master internship, participating in SeaSearch dives, working as a technical support advisor and interning at an aquarium.

Data Officer
+44(0)1752 426237