Olivia Langmead

Olivia is an experienced marine conservation scientist. Her work is focused at the marine science/policy interface and specifically the interactions between people and the marine environment. Her interests include Conservation Science (including marine protected areas and other aspects of theoretical and practical conservation), biodiversity (large-scale patterns, assessments), effects of human pressures and their underlying drivers on marine ecosystems (causal chain analysis using stochastic modelling approaches), conservation priority species and habitats (seagrass, biogenic and rocky reefs – mapping, monitoring, management measures, ecosystem services). She has had involvement in projects handling large ecological datasets including Defra MB0102 (gathering/developing and accessing the data for the planning of a network of Marine Conservation Zones), assessing biodiversity (SEPA), Lyme Bay monitoring (Defra MB1010), and has worked on MSFD implementation projects such as KnowSeas (EUFP7). She has led work modelling the outcome of different management options on seabed habitats and their capacity to provide ecosystem services (EU Interreg IVa VALMER (Valuing Ecosystem Services in the Western English Channel), identified biodiversity indicators for MSFD (DG Mare funded EMODnet (Biology)) and she is also leading a project to explore how flows of ecosystem services from MPAs may be mediated by management (Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation). Recent projects have been orientated towards management and stakeholder engagement with recreational and commercial sea-users (Defra ME6003 Anchoring and Mooring Impacts in English and Welsh Marine Protected Areas: Reviewing Sensitivity, exposure, risk and management and Assessment of recreational use in the Plymouth Sound and Estuaries European Marine Site funded by Devon County Council/Tamar Estuaries Consultative Forum). She has experience in engaging with industry, regulators, recreational users and NGOs and has run a number of workshops, seminars and engagement events, and has an in depth knowledge of Marine protected areas, their planning and management from her participation on the SW regional project stakeholder group, science to support MPA planning (Defra MB0102) and subsequent work on MPA management (notably Defra ME6003 Anchoring and Mooring).

Associate Fellow
+44(0)1752 426309