George Graham

George is the Marine Instrumentation Scientist for the CPR Survey and is responsible for leading the development of new instrumentation and observing systems. He is a seagoing Physical Oceanographer specialising in the measurement, characterisation and monitoring of suspended particulate matter in the coastal and open ocean using novel imaging, optics and acoustics systems.

With 16 years of academic and research consultancy experience he has developed and deployed a range of novel submersible technologies for physical, biological and chemical sensing and built software solutions for the management, analysis and visualisation of large environmental datasets.  He holds an MSc in Applied Marine Science and a PhD in Physical Oceanography. Prior to working with MBA, he was Research Fellow on two consecutive NERC grants at Plymouth University and has been involved with the spin-out and commercial licensing of research technology for submersible imaging systems.

Instrumentation Scientist
+44 (0)1752 426419