David Johns

David is Head of the Continuous Plankton Recorder Survey and specialises (>20 years) in plankton macroecology, long-term dataset analysis and para-taxonomy. He has published research papers (50) on plankton and hydro-climatic interactions, invasive species and plankton – higher trophic level interactions, and has extensive experience in producing scientific reports for Governmental bodies, NGO’s and commercial companies. Recently, he was part of an OSPAR project that worked towards the operationalisation of ecological indicators for European marine policy.

David is the current Chair of Northeast Atlantic Marine Biological Analytical Quality Control Scheme (NMBAQC), a scheme that promotes best practice and QA/QC guidelines in marine biological monitoring, and he instigated a zooplankton component, led by his team. He is a member of the Healthy and Biologically Diverse Seas Evidence Group (HBDSEG), a DEFRA-led UK Marine Monitoring and Assessment Strategy, as Chair of NMBAQC, and as part of the Pelagic expert sub-group. His recent work has focused on the production of ‘Indicators’ for the Marine Strategy Framework Directive. David is also actively involved in research with collaborators from the US and EU, and acts as the main point of contact for external researchers who wish to use Continuous Plankton Recorder data. He is a joint PhD supervisor with Plymouth University and a member of the MBA Senior Management Team.

Head of CPR Survey
+44 (0)1752 426492