Seth Thomas
Seth is a Post-Doctoral Research Assistant on the MYCO-CARB team.  He studied for his PhD in Marine Biogeochemistry at the University of East Anglia, where his research focussed on the production of the climatically active sulphur compound DMSP in marine diatoms. This research used a combination of stable isotope incubations and mass spectroscopy to quantify DMSP synthesis (a first in diatoms), breakdown and exudation rates along with intracellular longevity (a first in any marine phytoplankton). These rate changes were also calculated in terms of DMSP:C ratios which were subsequently used to reparameterise a global biogeochemical model. He is fascinated by how the smallest organisms in the ocean can influence marine biogeochemistry on such large scales. During this postdoc, he hopes to apply his existing skills in analytical chemistry, microbe cultivation and numerical modelling to revealing marine mycoplankton functional biology and ecology, in attempts to better establish their role in the marine carbon cycle.
Post Doctoral Research Assistant
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