Vengamanaidu Modepalli

Dr Modepalli‚Äôs scientific goal is to understand the evolution of early animal life forms and its impact on current animal diversity. At the MBA he studies the genetic make-up of the starlet sea anemone (Nematostella vectensis). Sea anemones offer the opportunity to study the molecular evolution of mechanisms that govern development, reproduction and tissue regeneration. The fact that they share a common ancestor with animals such as worms, insects and mammals, means that scientists can search for similarities and fill in gaps in our knowledge of evolution. 

As an internationally recognised scientist, Dr Modepalli has brought to the MBA extensive knowhow in bioinformatics, molecular biology, synthetic biology and cell culture.

In common with other 'fundamental' research undertaken at the MBA laboratory the outputs from studies from these relatively simple animals are the foundations on which other scientists build, and on which many new technologies rely. Dr Modapellis work will help us to understand more about evolutionary biology in the wider sense, with potential applications in biotechnology, medicine and conservation.

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