Cecile Fort
Cecile finished her PhD in Philippe Bastin’s laboratory at the Pasteur Institut Paris, where she worked on trypanosomes and studied intraflagellar transport in the flagella of this parasite. During her PhD, she demonstrated that IFT is not essential for the maintenance of flagellum length, but is required for the correct distribution of some proteins. In this parasite, the IFT moves on two doublets and it is defined by specific post translational modification called polyglutamylation. Without this modification, the transport of IFT is altered. She has expertise in various microscopy and classical biology areas including: - photonics microscopy (widefiel, spinning disk, confocal, SIM) - electron microscopy (transmission electron microscopy, Focus Ion Beam-SEM, Serial Bloc Face-SEM, immunogold labeling) - immunofluorescence, WB, transfection, and cultures of cells. Cecile will be working under the supervision of Dr Glen Wheeler and her current project is to understand the role of ciliary Ca2+ signaling in the regulation of intraflagellar transport in Chlamydomonas. Her work includes microscopy, culturing and physiological experiments.
Post Doctoral Researcher
+44(0)1752 968703