Susan Wharam

Susie Wharam is a Molecular Biology Technician, within the Cellular and Molecular group.

Susie obtained her PhD working on the molecular biology of plant-microbe interactions (Warwick University). She has since worked in various academic and commercial laboratories, in both the UK and the USA, applying molecular techniques to varied topics, from rotting vegetables to human diagnostics, marine viruses, oyster growth, mutation detection and aquaculture disease. She has experience with standard microbial and molecular methods, as well as less traditional techniques such as phage therapy (using marine viruses to kill bacteria, for the prevention or control of disease outbreaks in aquaculture) and the development of novel techniques (new ways to amplify DNA in vitro).

Susie is currently working on the SeaCells project funded by the European Research Council. SeaCells is a multidisciplinary project which will combine molecular biology, cell physiology, imaging and in situ oceanography to address fundamental questions in phytoplankton physiology from the scale of single cells to populations. The research focuses on the properties of phytoplankton cell membranes, in particular membrane transport and cell signalling.

Research Assistant
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