Council Member
Rory Wilson

Professor Rory Wilson is Head of Department of Biosciences at Swansea University and a Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor. He is a world-leading researcher in the field of animal ecology. His research reflects his interest in how free-living animals modulate the energetic costs they have for activities, particularly how they manage their time and energy to forage most effectively. Most of his research focuses on seabirds especially penguins, but he also works on marine mammals, turtles and fish, and terrestrial and arboreal mammals. He has published over 250 scientific papers including several in Nature and Science. Professor Wilson won the coveted Rolex Award for Research Enterprise in 2006 for his work developing novel electronic tags to record movement and behaviour in unprecedented detail. His Daily Diary tag has revolutionised animal tracking and is now sold commercially. He received his BA and MA from the University of Oxford and his PhD from the University of Cape Town.