Policy Statements

The Marine Environment after Brexit

Report from a joint workshop between the British Ecological Society and the Marine Biological Association outlining the potential opportunities and risks for environmental policy after Brexit.

Impact of European Funding on UK Research​

Report from the Marine Biological Association detailing how UK research and marine science is affected by EU funding.

The EU Research Community: Policy engagement and Key Issues

Report from the Marine Biological Association outlining key questions related to the interaction between EU policy and marine research.


The UK Marine Climate Change Impacts Partnership is a multi-disciplinary group that aims to provide coordinated advice and evidence on climate change impacts in coastal and marine areas. The Marine Biological Association is one of multiple NGO’s, government agencies, and industry partners who contribute to MCCIP’s reports to policy-makers.

In 2017, MCCIP produced their 10 year report card summarising the variation in climate impacts since the first report was produced. This report focused on significant themes such as ocean acidification, non-native species, fisheries, and human health.

Visit MCCIP for more information and to access all available report cards

Charting Progress 2

Charting Progress 2 was a report produced by the UK Marine Monitoring and Assessment Strategy (UKMMAS) which aimed to provide policy makers with peer-reviewed evidence on marine research and monitoring in UK waters. The Marine Biological Association was one of over 40 agencies, institutes, NGOs and industry partners who contributed to this evidence.

Visit Charting Progress 2 to access the full report