How the MBA helps shape marine policy.

Our Stance

The MBA provides authoritative expert advice to UK, European and international decision-makers on a breadth of issues from marine science funding to marine environmental management and protection. The MBA draws upon the wealth of experience of its Members, collating opinions and expertise to provide a clear, independent and unified voice to decision-makers on behalf of the marine biological community. The MBA also runs its own dedicated research and knowledge exchange programmes that have a long history of providing evidence to underpin decision-making. 

The role of the MBA in policy:

  • To produce evidence and advice to inform marine policy and legislation
  • To represent the marine biological community on issues concerning marine biology research strategy and requirements
  • To improve science-to-policy links and support evidence-based policy making


Working with Members

The MBA carries out policy work on behalf of the marine biological community around the world and our Members are the driving force behind this important role, actively responding to consultations and steering the feedback to Governments and decision-makers on a national and international level. 

With over 1700 Members spread across more than 40 countries, the expertise contained within the geographic reach of the MBA’s Membership is invaluable to provide clear, independent data reflecting accurate science and the community’s opinion.

On-the-ground policy action  (such as talks and teaching modules) broadens general knowledge of political processes as well as providing an outlet for the voice of the MBA to be heard. The larger the community behind the Association, the more impactful our voice can be, at any level.

The MBA has always been at the forefront of marine policy and management, actively making the voice of the marine community heard by decision-makers and ensuring that both the scientific research and scientific expertise within the organisation and its Membership is used to inform policy and management.

The MBA's expertise, via its Membership, reaches around the world.

Members of the MBA actively influence the future

of marine biology through policy, here's how...




Evidence based policy is at the heart of responsible decision-making. The MBA ensures that marine biological data and information is available to decision-makers and those responsible for managing the marine environment through a variety of activities:




To represent the views of the wider marine biological community, the MBA regularly contributes evidence and advice provided by our Members to government consultations and parliamentary inquiries. We seek to collate the opinions and expertise of our Members to provide a clear, independent and unified voice to decision-makers on behalf of the marine biological community.




The MBA provides clear, scientific information in the form of advice to the UK Government. The MBA is asked to sit on panels, to provide oral evidence to Select Committees, and answer parliamentary questions to feed accurate up-to-date information into current discussions. 

As a Royal Chartered charity, the MBA is respected for its knowledge and independent commitment to the field derived from its Membership and Association. The expertise and independent research carried out by MBA Members and researchers supplies non-bias factual information straight to the decision-makers.


On the ground 

Our Policy Team is regularly out and about. Whether they are giving talks at local groups or conferences or teaching policy modules on university courses, the MBA is working hard to encourage understanding of the decision-making process, our role within it (individually and as an Association), and how, together, we can actively influence the future of marine biology.

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