Ways to get involved with the MBA's policy work.


Steer the future of marine biology!

Do you have an opinion on the management of fish stocks in your area? Would you like to comment on the science behind the implementation of a Marine Protected Area near you? We welcome feedback from those working in the field everyday as well as expert subject knowledge to help formulate our responses that will accurately reflect the activity and science on the ground. You can submit comments for any open consultations including responding to consultation by becoming a Member of the MBA. 


Work with us!

If you are interested in working with the MBA on our marine science policy work, perhaps as an internship or alongside your studies, please get in touch with us at any time via policy@mba.ac.uk

Please note all paid positions will be posted on the MBA Vacancies page.


Set up a Special Interest Group (SIG)

In order to expand our influence on policy, we are offering further opportunities to our Members. The MBA would like to establish a number of SIGs with a focus either on a specific aspect of marine biology or geographic area. Collectively, the SIGs would offer a broad spectrum of target resources whilst being able to organise meetings and respond to consultations with expert knowledge. If you are interested in setting up a SIG in your area, please get in touch.


Join our Expert Database

We pride ourselves on the cumulative expert marine knowledge of our Members in all corners of the globe and use this knowledge to the advantage of the entire global marine biology community by steering policy. However, we require expertise in every area and all around the world to be able to contribute to the widest variety of consultations.

By joining the Expert Database, you can contribute to consultations, respond to parliamentary questions, share your research in our magazine and e-bulletin, attend an annual programme of MBA events, respond to media enquiries, and raise your profile at the same time!

Is there an issue you would like to see the MBA get involved in? Are you are interested in working with the MBA on our marine science policy work?


For all marine policy enquiries, please contact Dr Matt Frost, Head of Policy at policy@mba.ac.uk


+44 (0) 1752 426343