The MBA is active on behalf of its Members in a variety of ways. The MBA leads numerous committees and sits on panels for multiple organisations feeding the latest science into decision-maker's discussions whilst representing the marine biological community as a whole. 



Marine Climate Change Impacts Partnership (MCCIP)

MCCIP aims to provide a framework by which high quality and impartial evidence as well as guidance on adaptation to climate change impacts can be communicated to policy advisors and decision-makers in the UK. 

Dr Matt Frost is the Chair of MCCIP providing evidence and understanding of the implications of climate change in our seas. 


Marine Science Coordination Committee (MSCC)

The MSCC supports UK marine science to inform policy decisions in Government by identifying opportunities for improved collaboration and co-ordination of scientific knowledge, resources and communication, as well as forwarding the implementation of the UK Marine Science Strategy. Dr Matt Frost, Head of Policy at the MBA, sits on the MSCC Steering Committee. 



European Network of Marine Stations (MARS)
MARS unites European marine stations providing a forum for the community to collaborate and feed into European and international marine policy and strategy. To broaden the network’s European remit, MARS is also developing the World Association of Marine Stations (WAMS).

Dr Matt Frost, Head of Policy at the MBA, is the acting President of MARS. 


European Marine Biological Research Infrastructure Cluster (EMBRIC)
The MBA is a founding partner and work package leader for EMBRIC Biobank (EBB) which facilitates sustainable access to Atlantic marine biodiversity, its associated data, and extractable products for local and international academia and industry users by developing best practice guidelines which ensure compliance with regulatory framework. 

The MBA Culture Collection will provide a test case for European Culture Registration.



Association of European Marine Biological Laboratories Expanded (ASSEMBLE PLUS)
The MBA is a partner and Trans-national Access provider for ASSEMBLE Plus. The MBA participates in five Joint Research Initiatives aimed, in part, to strengthen the culture of cooperation, disseminate interoperable protocols and engage with novel user communities.