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Occasional Publications of the Marine Biological Association No. 15


Guide to the Coastal and Surface Zooplankton of  the South-Western Indian Ocean

Cover of publication[Added March 2006]

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Full reference:
Conway, D.V.P., White, R.G., Hugues-Dit-Ciles, J., Gallienne, C.P. and Robins, D.B. (2003). Guide to the coastal and surface zooplankton of the south-western Indian Ocean. Occasional Publications. Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom (15) 354p.

A guide compiled as an aid to researchers in the identification of the coastal and shallow water, south-western Indian Ocean pelagic zooplankton, as much of the identification literature covering this area of amazing biodiversity is currently spread through the scientific literature and not accessible without extensive library resources. Most zooplankton groups, except fish larvae and eggs, have been covered, but some specialist groups have not yet been dealt with in great detail. However, a selection of representative members of most groups have been given, so that organisms can at least be assigned to perhaps a particular genus within the main group. The species list is based on zooplankton sampling carried out round the coastal areas of the islands of Mahé and Aldabra (Seychelles), Rodrigues (Mauritius), Madagascar and from a sampling transect between Seychelles and Rodrigues.

The guide therefore includes a high proportion of the island-coastal and surface water zooplankton of the whole Indian Ocean. The location where a particular species has been sampled has been noted and some species that have not been sampled, but are known to occur in the region, have been included. Comprehensive taxonomic information has not been presented, but sufficient information should be given to identify each species. Keys have not yet been included for genera, as further species will be added. A bibliography of relevant plankton references has also been included.