Open Access

Library staff assist with Open Access related aspects and from 2018 will manage all MBA deposits in the institutional repository, PlyMSEA.

Guide to open access

Information on Open Access publishing, funder mandates and related issues.

Accepted for publication?

Have you been accepted for publication? Upload manuscript now!

Preparing manuscript?

Preparing a manuscript for publication from a funded project? Find out your obligations.

Data management

Research data are the recorded factual materials necessary to support or validate a research project's observations, findings or outputs.

Digital curation is about maintaining and adding value to a trusted body of digital information for both current and future use. It is active management and appraisal of digital information over its entire life cycle.

Good data management is a fundamental aspect of the research process. Members of the library and data team can help with a variety of issues from the basic idea of composing good filenames to detailed help with metadata standards, long-term archiving or publication of data and the assignment of DOIs. Please get in touch.

Digital Curation Centre

The DCC provides advice for storing, managing, protecting and sharing digital research data.


Medin is a partnership of UK organisations committed to improving access to marine data.

Data Management Help

Practical tips to help you plan, create, organise, share, and look after your research materials.

Copyright and Permissions

Anything printed, written, made, designed or recorded in any form (eg academic publications, data, music, images, films, broadcasts or computer software) is subject to copyright or a related right.

By either publishing oneself of by using other people’s work in their research, study or teaching it is helpful to be aware of copyright issues. These pages are designed to support staff and students to make appropriate decisions with regard to copyrighted material, both their own and that of others. This section lists sites giving advice and guidance. Library staff are also available to assist.

Using somebody else's intellectual property

Reproducing limited portions of copyrighted works without permission is allowed without infringing the interest of the creator(s) or copyright owner(s) under fair dealing exceptions. Otherwise permissions need to be sought. Find out about Fair Dealing exceptions and Seeking Permission

Copyright advice

UK Intellectual Property Law

Creative Commons Licences

Inter-library loans via British Library

MBA Staff, Research Fellows, Associate Fellows and MBA Students are entitled to free British Library (BL) requests. PML staff and any other person must pay for this service.

Requests can be made via the NMBL email using the request form sent to the user when joining or by clicking on the link below.  The form includes a copyright declaration which must be signed and sent to the library. When a BL request is made and received, it is NMBL policy to provide a pdf copy which is for the intended user only who must comply with copyright law.

British Library request form.

Please contact the Library Team @ if you have any questions about this service.

Search the Catalogue 

Use or online database to find the books or journals you’re looking for.

Guide to copyright law

To access the Institutional Login via Shibboleth (when you are outside the office and have no IP authentication) please see the instructions on this link:

MBA Staff, Research Fellows, Associate Fellows and MBA Students have access to library licensed electronic material. Material is authenticated via the staff log-in (Shibboleth) and can be used seamlessly both within the building and remotely. PML staff also have access to library licensed electronic material in accordance with the current MBA/PML SLA.

To access licenced resources remotely please use the MBA VPN as follows:

  1. Open a browser such as Firefox or Chrome.
  2. Enter the URL
  3. If you get any certificate warnings override or ignore them.
  4. Enter your credentials (usual password)
  5. Choose your Domain:  MBA for MBA and for PML
  6. Complete by clicking the ‘login’ in button.
  7. Once logged on if you are a PML user you will see the shortcut for the NMBL Website, Web of Science and Google Scholar. MBA users will see all shortcuts relevant to MBA users as well as the above websites.
  8. The VPN works like a gateway. As long as you stay within this browser session and use the links to websites provided you are authenticated against all library licensed content.
  9. Any questions, please contact the library team.

Access to electronic material is for research and private study only in accordance with current copyright legislation. It is the responsibility of the user to comply with copyright terms as outlined on the Library User Registration Form and on the NMBL Webpages.