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Volume 40 (New Series) 

The Journal of the MBA is also available to view via Cambridge University Press


Marine Pollution Research Titles Index

ISSN 1742-7614 (online)

A monthly information bulletin listing references on marine and estuarine pollution.

Volume 37, 2010:

37(12) December 2010
PDF version
37(11) November 2010 PDF version
37(10) October 2010 PDF version
37(9) September 2010 PDF version
37(8) August 2010 PDF version
37(7) July 2010 PDF version
37(6) June 2010 PDF version
37(5) May 2010 PDF version
37(4) April 2010 PDF version
37(3) March 2010 PDF version
37(2) February 2010 PDF version
37(1) January 2010 PDF version

Volume 36, 2009:

36(12) December 2009
PDF version
36(11) November 2009 PDF version
36(10) October 2009 PDF version
36(9) September 2009 PDF version
36(8) August 2009 PDF version
36(7) July 2009 PDF version
36(6) June 2009 PDF version
36(5) May 2009 PDF version
36(4) April 2009 PDF version
36(3) March 2009 PDF version
36(2) February 2009 PDF version
36(1) January 2009 PDF version

Volume 35, 2008:

35(12) December 2008
PDF version
35(11) November 2008 PDF version
35(10) October 2008 PDF version
35(9) September 2008 PDF version
35(8) August 2008 PDF version
35(7) July 2008 PDF version
35(6) June 2008 PDF version
35(5) May 2008 PDF version
35(4) April 2008 PDF version
35(3) March 2008 PDF version
35(2) February 2008 PDF version
35(1) January 2008 PDF version

Volume 34, 2007:

34(12) December 2007
PDF version
34(11) November 2007 PDF version
34(10) October 2007 PDF version
34(9) September 2007 PDF version
34(8) August 2007 PDF version
34(7) July 2007 PDF version
34(6) June 2007 PDF version
34(5) May 2007 PDF version
34(4) April 2007 PDF version
34(3) March 2007 PDF version
34(2) February 2007 PDF version
34(1) January 2007 PDF version

Volume 33, 2006:

33(12) November 2006
PDF version
33(11) November 2006 PDF version
33(10) October 2006 PDF version
33(9) September 2006 PDF version
33(8) August 2006 PDF version
33(7) July 2006 PDF version
33(6) June 2006 PDF version
33(5) May 2006 PDF version
33(4) April 2006 PDF version
33(3) March 2006 PDF version
33(2) February 2006 PDF version
33(1) January 2006 PDF version

Volume 32, 2005:

32(12) December 2005
PDF version
32(11) November 2005 PDF version
32(10) October 2005 PDF version
32(9) September 2005 PDF version
32(8) August 2005  PDF version
32(7) July 2005 PDF version
32(6) June 2005 PDF version
32(5) May 2005 PDF version
32(4) April 2005 PDF version
32(3) March 2005 PDF version
32(2) February 2005 PDF version
32(1) January 2005 PDF version

Estuaries and Coastal Waters of the British Isles 

An annual bibliography of recent scientific papers.

ISSN: 0309-3964

No. 1, 1977 – No. 35 (2011) covering reports and other grey literature, as well as articles from journals and books grouped by geographic areas to aid searching . This publication was available in print format only. 

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