Welcome to the editor's blog! Although I am at home and warm(ish), my mind is roaming the icy wastes of the Arctic, from Franz Josef Land, to the Laptev Sea, and the magnificent Lena River snaking in endless loops across the tundra ... 

The reason for this mental - perhaps I should say virtual - holiday is that the April edition of The Marine Biologist magazine focuses on Arctic research, and in particular how the UK marine research community has been collaborating with its Russian counterparts.

The Arctic region is warming faster than anywhere else on Earth, and the Arctic Ocean is predicted to have its first ice-free summer by 2035. Understanding what is happening to ecosystems across this vast and inaccessible region, and predicting the consequences for marine life and for the hundreds of millions of people who depend directly or indirectly on the sea is a scientific priority. A few of the highlights coming up are:

  • A guest editorial from Tatiana Iakovleva (UK Science & Innovation Network in Russia), and Henry Burgess (NERC Arctic Office).
  • A close look at the Changing Arctic Ocean programme. We present two CAO projects with close links with researchers in Russia.
  • MOSAiC: find out about the largest Arctic expedition in history which took place in 2020 involving scientists from 35 countries.
  • An interview with top UK scientists about the RRS Sir David Attenborough, the UK's new polar research vessel.
  • Research into microplastics with the UK Polar Network

And many more features with personal stories from Arctic researchers and stunning photographs!

If all this is making you chilly, never fear! There will be the usual mix of non-polar content including news, features, and reviews.

If you have a marine biology story, comments, or feedback about the magazine, do get in touch!

Guy Baker (Editor)