About us

Did you know that our seas in the UK are being invaded by an intriguing array of animals and seaweeds? Non-native species can catch a ride to UK marine waters on the many ships that cross our oceans annually, or through a variety of other routes. Once established, they may be harmful to our native diversity, by outcompeting them or by introducing disease. Others bring benefits, such as the tasty edible Pacific Oyster, and can benefit our local species by creating habitats and shelter.

CoCoast has an exciting new initiative focusing on understanding how quickly these species are becoming established. We need your help to tell us which species are in your region and on shores near you. This really important information will allow future management decisions to be made on the control of non-native species. We are asking volunteers to join us as we survey the shores around the UK. It’s so easy to get involved and is an activity all the family can share. The survey only takes 10 minutes of your time. All information is valuable for us to have, including records of where you surveyed and didn’t find your chosen species!

First choose one of the three shore types that you want to visit. Click one of these three panels – and find out more!