Jellyfish are often washed up on the beach in great numbers and are notorious for their ability to sting. There are only 6 species of true jellyfish found in the waters around the British Isles but more than 200 globally. Find out more about these animals and some jellyfish imposters!
There are 13 species of cuttlefish found in British waters, including both little and common  families, and more than 100 species worldwide. Find out more about the tricks and disguises of these fascinating group of animals.
There are around 62 species of crab found in British waters and approximately 4,500 known types of crab worldwide. Find out more about this fascinating group of animals.
Our seas are home to some of the fastest, rarest and largest sharks in the world with more than 30 species found in British waters. Find out more about some of the secrets of these majestic animals.
There are over 70 species of sea anemones found in British waters  and more than 1,000 worldwide. Find out more about the ‘flowers of the sea’.
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There are around 32 types of starfish in British waters and 1,500 around the world. Find out about this amazing group of animals, how they feed, how they move and where they live.