This page gives links to references and information sources of In brief articles in issue 8 of The Marine Biologist magazine.

Capture Our Coast 
Capturing Our Coast is a UK-wide project investigating the species that live in our seas and how we can protect them. The project involves Citizen Science, where members of the public contribute to scientific knowledge and discovery by collecting data, or by analysing and interpreting findings. The responsibility for protecting our seas and wonderful marine biodiversity belongs to all of us and at ‘CoCoast’ we believe that members of the public should be empowered to contribute in meaningful ways, sharing their skills and enthusiasm. 
If you would like to be involved, contact us at: Twitter: @CapturingRCoast

Radiocarbon dating suggests centuries of longevity in the Greenland shark
This article is based on research by Julius Nielsen, Rasmus B. Hedeholm, Jan Heinemeier, Peter G. Bushnell, Jørgen S. Christiansen, Jesper Olsen, Christopher Bronk Ramsey, Richard W. Brill, Malene Simon, Kirstine F. Steffensen and John F. Steffensen, published in the Journal Science.

How do sea urchins make their spines?
This article is based on research by Netta Vidavsky, Sefi Addadi, Andreas Schertel, David Ben-Ezra, Muki Shpigel, Lia Addadi, and Steve Weiner and published in the Journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS). 

Hidden blooms
This article is based on research by Christopher Horvat, David Rees Jones, Sarah Iams, David Schroeder, Daniela Flocco and Daniel Feltham, and published in the Journal Science Advances.

The State of European Cetaceans Report
Read the full report.

New hermit crab species described
This article is based on research by Rafael Lemaitre, published in the journal Zookeys.