Issue 6. Published April 2016.


In brief

Science letters

Worms, glorious worms! The amazing polychaete diversity of Lizard Island Pat Hutchings
Molecular insights into plankton diversity Michael Cunliffe
Drastic seascape shifts in the twilight zone Cristina Linares
Climate change and marine vertebrates Elvira Poloczanska

Environment and conservation

Sawfish: Searching for river monsters Ruth Leeney
Farming the bluefin: could Japan hold the key? Bonnie Waycott
Fish poo and the climate challenge Angela Martin
Rebuilding the Caribbean one sea urchin at a time Max Bodmer
Too hot in paradise! Michael White
Filling in the gaps – studying and protecting sea turtles in Western Australia Alistair Green

Sharing marine science

Capturing our Coast – a new initiative in marine citizen science  Jacqueline Pockrington and Jane Delany
MBA Bursary winners
Obituary: Bill Ballantyne  Keith Hiscock
Mezzotints of exotic marine organisms Debby Mason

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Just a couple of days after the post about bacon etc.

A renowned oceanographer told me how a plankton sampling cruise in the Western Approaches in the 1970s owed a lot to the conflicting needs of those on board.

Editor’s blog #1

A warm welcome to my blog as editor of The Marine Biologist – the magazine of the marine biological community.