Issue 5 published October 2015


In brief

Science letters

The Unorthodox Whales of Sri Lanka Asha de Vos
A new species of jellyfish Jun Nishikawa
The origin of nervous systems Pawel Burkhardt

Environment and conservation

A blueprint for sustainable fisheries Tom Pickerell
After the tsunami – a story of hope in Japan Bonnie Waycott
‘Marine management’ – making an oxymoron more meaningful Charles Sheppard
Indian seas – a megadiversity hotspot N.R. Menon and N.G.K. Pillai of The Marine Biological Association of India

Sharing marine science

Dreaming of a digital ocean Emmanuel G. Reynaud
A comprehensive guide to the marine zooplankton of southern Britain Kelvin Boot talks to Dave Conway
A new app for unfamiliar seafood Margarida Hermida
New guidance for offshore renewable energy installations Shaun Nicholson
Plymouth – a hub of activity for the study of marine life John Spicer
Young Marine Biologist: a new and popular way to join the MBA! Jack Sewell
Things I wish I’d known when I was an undergraduate Amy Wright
Little-known giants of the plankton Sinazo Mophlo and Mark J. Gibbons
Science advances for shark conservation David Sims
An interview with Murray Roberts

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Just a couple of days after the post about bacon etc.

A renowned oceanographer told me how a plankton sampling cruise in the Western Approaches in the 1970s owed a lot to the conflicting needs of those on board.

Editor’s blog #1

A warm welcome to my blog as editor of The Marine Biologist – the magazine of the marine biological community.