02 Editorial
04 In brief

Science letters

06 The killer whales of the North Atlantic Andrew D. Foote, Sanna Kuningas and Filipa I. P. Samarra
09 Black beaches of Spain Juan Junoy
12 Forecasting and communicating climate change impacts on marine systems Nova Mieszkowska and Brian Helmuth
14 Research in the abyssal north-east Pacific Kathy Dunlop
15 The dawn of seaweed domestication Claire Gachon

Environment and conservation

16 Restoring seagrasses under extreme conditions Emma L. Jackson
19 Argentina’s dolphins in decline Els Vermeulen, Neil Niru Dorrian and Lorenzo Scala
22 Ghost fishing in the USA Dana Weiss

Sharing marine science

23 The way we were Geoff Smaldon
24 High impact imagery, low cost investment Christine Shepard
26 50 years of the European Marine Biology Symposium Herman Hummel, Matt Frost and Christiaan Hummel
28 The World Conference on Marine Biodiversity, Qingdao China Joseph Kenworthy
28 The MBA National Marine Biological Library: changing times Matt Frost and Barbara Bultmann
30 Marine biology at the University of Portsmouth Gordon Watson
33 Reviews
36 Interview: Going for it with Paul Rose
39 A new coat of arms for the MBA

Issue 4 of The Marine Biologist is now available to read online

With Issue 4 out there and some time before Issue 5 needs my full attention, we have been thinking about how to promote The Marine Biologist magazine more widely (w

When I was 5 years old, I was given a copy of a book called The Fishes by 

I am excited about the really excellent content for issue 3.

Typesetting is one of those jobs that can be 80% done quite quickly but the final 20% takes an age.

Just a couple of days after the post about bacon etc.

A renowned oceanographer told me how a plankton sampling cruise in the Western Approaches in the 1970s owed a lot to the conflicting needs of those on board.

Editor’s blog #1

A warm welcome to my blog as editor of The Marine Biologist – the magazine of the marine biological community.