Issue 2. Published April 2014.
In this Royal Charter edition we look at the importance of marine laboratories past, present and future, together with the usual articles by leading marine biologists covering a wide range of topics.

We are delighted to present an article Planet earth’s blue heart by Sylvia Earle on sharing knowledge and improving the public perception of the oceans.

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02 Editorial
04 In brief

A Royal Charter for The Marine Biological Association

06 Onwards and upwards for marine Biology by Matt Frost
08 Big, blue and beautiful by Sylvia Earle and Dan Laffoley
Why exploring and valuing planet Earth’s blue heart is the key to future wealth, health and happiness
12 “The wheel comes full circle” marine laboratories past, present and future by Mike Thorndyke and Fiona McGowan
A fascinating look at how the role of marine laboratories has changed through time.

Science letters

16 Power from the sea: stepping stones for non-native species? by Chris Nall
New pathways for the introduction and spread of non-native species.
18 Refugia in the ‘twilight zone’ by Sonia J. Rowley
Advanced scuba rebreathers facilitate discoveries in the Philippines
20 Mapping the treasures of the deep sea by Laurence De Clippele, Veerle Huvenne and Murray Roberts
Joining forces to map cold-water coral habitats.

Environment and conservation

22 From equator to ice: environmental science in the south Atlantic by Deborah Davidson and Paul Brickle
A new research institute oversees marine biodiversity and environmental management. Read the full article.
26 Has marine conservation in Wales lost its way? by Blaise Bullimore
Despite the success of the Skomer Marine Nature Reserve marine conservation in Wales is struggling.
29 His world is oysters by Clive Askew
Reflections on a career in commercial bivalve aquaculture
32 A traditional fishery enters a new era by Guy Baker
We look at an artisanal fishery for native oysters in south west England.
33 A new chapter in a remarkable history by Pamela Clapp Hinkle
The Marine Biological Laboratory celebrates 125 years and a new partnership.

Sharing marine science

36 So you want to be a marine biologist? by Jack Sewell
Introducing ‘Young Marine Biologist’ MBA membership for
the next generation.
37 Reviews
Reviews of recent books, films and all things marine.
Blackfish (2013) Director: Gabriella Cowperthwaite. By Matt Frost.

With Issue 4 out there and some time before Issue 5 needs my full attention, we have been thinking about how to promote The Marine Biologist magazine more widely (w

When I was 5 years old, I was given a copy of a book called The Fishes by 

I am excited about the really excellent content for issue 3.

Typesetting is one of those jobs that can be 80% done quite quickly but the final 20% takes an age.

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A renowned oceanographer told me how a plankton sampling cruise in the Western Approaches in the 1970s owed a lot to the conflicting needs of those on board.

Editor’s blog #1

A warm welcome to my blog as editor of The Marine Biologist – the magazine of the marine biological community.