Welcome to the July edition of The Marine Biologist magazine, the essential guide to seven tenths of planet Earth! We are proud to present the latest in marine biological research, opinion, and news, as well as a roundup of Association activity.

Our cover story weaves together the ecology of sharks and rays with the history of biogeography to illuminate patterns of diversity. The multi-talented Sarah Popov did the research, wrote the article, and created the beautiful cover artwork especially for this edition.

What would happen if an octopus were enabled to communicate with an artificial intelligence? We introduce an extraordinary project that seeks to explore communication with other life forms.

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We are very grateful to the authors who contributed excellent articles for this edition.

The ecosystem crisis and current developments in artificial intelligence are raising ethical and philosophical questions about human primacy.

In the October edition of The Marine Biologist magazine we celebrate 90 years of the Continuous Plankton Recorder Survey, a global monitoring programme that is underpinned by taxonomic

A very warm welcome to The Marine Biologist magazine!

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A very warm welcome, wherever you are, to our first ever January edition!

In this edition we ask, how will we relate to nature and go about science in a fast-changing world? 

A very warm welcome to the first July edition of The Marine Biologist magazine! Since its creation in 2013 the magazine has been very well received and we have been privileged to publish many wonderful and fascinating articles.

We are proud to have published over 190 original, informative, and inspiring articles spanning all aspects of marine biology, written by contributors ranging from world-famous ‘ocean elders’ to volunteers, and scientists at the start of their careers.