Issue 1. Published October 2013.

In this first edition of The Marine Biologist magazine we are proud to present articles by leading marine biologists covering a wide range of topics.

Issue 1 of The Marine Biologist is now available to read online.


02 Editorial
04 Around the Association
04 News

Science letters

06 From the crow’s nest
MBA Director Colin Brownlee offers his perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing marine biologists.
08 Biological invasions and climate warming
Maria Antonietta Pancucci-Papadopoulou and colleagues examine the relentless tropicalization of the Mediterranean.
12 Too hot to handle?
Dan Smale on the impacts of a marine heatwave in Western Australia.
15 Microalgae systematics
El-Mahdi Bendif on omics and classification.
18 Are marine phytoplankton in decline?
Abigail McQuatters-Gollop picks over the evidence in the decline debate.

Environment and conservation

21 Policy
The MBA provides evidence for marine policy. Matt Frost gives a current overview.
22 Oceans of change
Callum Roberts takes the long view of our exploitation of the marine environment.
27 The new face of coastal conservation?
Melissa Schiele looks at the carbon credits system.

Sharing marine science

30 European marine educators, unite!
Géraldine Fauville introduces EMSEA, a new initiative to bring ‘ocean literacy’ to Europe.
32 Pooling resources for marine science
Future demands for marine resources demand better coordination between European marine research laboratories. Nicolas Pade introduces the European Marine Biological Resource Centre.
34 The view astern
An interview with BBC cameraman Hugh Miller.

Issue 1 of The Marine Biologist is now available to read online

A very warm welcome, wherever you are, to our first ever January edition!

In this edition we ask, how will we relate to nature and go about science in a fast-changing world? 

A very warm welcome to the first July edition of The Marine Biologist magazine! Since its creation in 2013 the magazine has been very well received and we have been privileged to publish many wonderful and fascinating articles.

We are proud to have published over 190 original, informative, and inspiring articles spanning all aspects of marine biology, written by contributors ranging from world-famous ‘ocean elders’ to volunteers, and scientists at the start of their careers.

Welcome to the latest edition of The Marine Biologist magazine, in which we celebrate the

A warm welcome to issue 13 of The Marine Biologist magazine. As you will have guessed from the cover, this edition has a polar flavour. Climate warming is bringing change faster in the Arctic Ocean than anywhere else on the planet.

From drones to the DNA in a shrimp's gut, our capacity to observe the ocean seems to be limited only by our imagination. All this accumulating data is potential evidence in support of sustainable management of the marine environment.

A warm welcome to The Marine Biologist magazine. A full range of material awaits, including brain-eating parasites, entangled cetaceans, trophic cascades, and more.

The future ocean can look like a scary place: hotter, more acidic and breathless. In the wake of stories about longer and more frequent marine heatwaves our cover story (page 10) looks into the effects of a warmer future in Antarctica.

Whether this finds you in an austral spring, a boreal autumn, or a tropical monsoon, we wish you a warm welcome to The Marine Biologist magazine.