a clear open space where running is possible.


Some way of marking a starting line and a finishing line (rope, seaweed, twigs, line in sand etc).

Relevance and Aims:

Fun warm-up game. Introduces predator prey, camouflage and adaptation (especially behaviour and camouflage), based on traditional ‘cat and mouse’ game.

Running the Activity:

Make 2 lines, up to 10m away from one another and parallel. The lines must be long enough for the whole group to stand along.

Explain that crabs are common shore species and that when the tide is out, seagulls and other birds will eat them. Explain that if a crab thinks it is in danger it will often freeze (relying on its camouflage) or bury itself.
The seagull must turn around at intervals and look at the crabs.One person is a seagull and stands on the finishing line facing away from the rest of the group who are crabs. The crabs walk towards the finishing line as quietly as possible.

When the seagull turns, all the crabs must freeze. Any that are seen moving by the seagull are ‘eaten’ and are out. The object is for the crabs to be the first to cross the line. The winner becomes the seagull and further rounds can be played.

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Group Size

up to 35


up to 30 mins

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