Eight Plymouth University students (six of whom are affiliated with the MBA) at the International Conference of Young Marine Researchers (ICYMARE; www.icymare.com), which took place on 25 - 28 September in Bremen (Germany).

Arianna Liconti reports:

The attendees from left to right are:

Sylvan Benaksas: recently completed the MRes Marine Biology on pelagic sharks with David Sims as supervisor. Sylvan was presenting his MRes Thesis.

Antonia Uthoff: starting the MRes Marine Biology this month.

Nadia Frontier: recently completed BSc Marine Biology with Coastal Ecology, she has been an intern in the MBA's Smale Group this summer.

Arianna Liconti: recently completed the MRes Marine Biology on Mediterranean gorgonian forests in collaboration with Reef Check Italia, with Nova Mieszkowska as supervisor. I was presenting my MRes Thesis.

Giulia La Bianca: worked in the MBA consultancy team until February 2019. She was presenting her ecosystem services work on the Ascension Islands which was carried out with  the MBA's Heidi Tillin.

Hannah Lily Sunshine Stowe: recently completed BSc Marine Biology with Coastal Ecology.

Teresa Baptista Nobre: recently completed BSc Marine Biology with Coastal Ecology.

Luka Seamus Wright: current third year student of BSc Marine Biology with Coastal Ecology, and volunteer at the MBA in the Mieszkowska Group. He presented the preliminary results of his dissertation that he is undertaking in collaboration with the MBA.

The students pose with a MBA sweatshirt in front of the conference banner.

We all presented our projects undertaken at the University of Plymouth and the MBA in the form of either poster presentation or talk. The rest of the conference attendees were very impressed with the standard of Plymouth students.

Among us, Luka Seamus Wright and myself (Arianna Liconti) (over the moon to receive the second conference award of the year!!) won respectively Best Poster Presentation and Third Best Talk of the whole conference among 50 posters and 150 talks. A picture of us during the award ceremony is attached. The work we were presenting was titled:

Luka’s: “Sequestration of carbon from Laminaria kelp forests may be diminished in a warmer climate”

Ari’s: “A Multisource Approach To Identify Conservation Priorities for Gorgonian Forests in Italian Coastal Waters”

Arianna Liconti

The MBA says: "This is a great reflection on the standard of marine science and teaching in Plymouth. Huge congratulations to all - you are great ambassadors for the MBA and Plymouth University."

Dec 6, 2019 By guba