We were delighted to hear that Dr Trupti Gaikwad became a joint winner of the science category award for the Asian Women of Achievment Awards.

Dr Gaikwad is a Cell and Molecular Research Assistant working in our new bioimaging facility  - The Huxley Suite. Here Trupti oversees the high spectral microscopes, and works on research projects related to marine diatoms and their important role in climate change processes and the marine web.

Trupti said, "I feel lucky to win this award. It is a very big achievement for me. I hope this will inspire other women in science especially girls from my hometown."

The Asian Women of Achievement Awards, founded by Pinky Lilani CBE DL, celebrates multicultural Britain and the contribution of diverse cultures and talents to UK society. They spotlight phenomenal Asian women across a vast range of industries and professions, all of whom make a remarkable impact on British life. For over two decades, these awards have played a key role in redefining the contribution of Asian women and informing a new, positive, pro-diversity debate.


Oct 2, 2020 By maypla