Hi my name is Kellyanne. Back in October, I started as a communications intern at the MBA. I felt apprehensive about starting at the hub of marine research, but excited for the opportunity to try something new. I had studied MSci Zoology at University of Exeter, so I was not only moving to a new position but a new place too.

My first day comprised of a tour of the Citadel Hill laboratory, learning about the MBA’s wealth of history, and being introduced to the different teams working here from membership to researchers I had read about.

Soon enough, I settled in and started to get my head around how different aspects all tie together to encompass the marine biological community. Every day at 11am the MBA holds coffee to encourage different teams to engage with each other, a great opportunity to speak to researchers at different stages of their careers, from PhD students to those who have been involved in novel research since the 1950s.

A big highlight of this role is the variety. Each week has proved to be different, sometimes undertaking tasks I know I’ll enjoy but more often than not pushing me out of my comfort zone to learn new skills, from social media posting to video editing software.  

It’s also been fantastic to have the opportunity to put my writing skills to the test, from writing press releases to articles for The Marine Biologist magazine. I have really enjoyed following the journey of the magazine, seeing individual bits of writing, book reviews, and interviews coming together with some amazing photos, firstly in a digital layout (in InDesign) then into a printed version. 

Despite it raining the majority of the time, working at the MBA has been an excellent opportunity with great views of the ocean and I’m really looking forward to the next few months!

Jan 23, 2020 By MBA Comms