UK-German Workshop on Marine Science Communication and Education

28 February / 1st March

British Embassy Berlin

Our understanding of the ocean and seas is still limited. But it is clear that this eco-system deeply affects our daily lives and human behaviour changes it. It is therefore important that knowledge and understanding about the ocean and the seas is not limited to experts but reaches a wide audience. The workshop will look at trends and ideas in science communication and education to discuss their relevance to the marine area.  It will look at mass communication, citizen science and education, and explore how the EU consortium Sea Change is using the concept of Ocean Literacy to achieve a wider awareness of oceans.

The workshop will discuss concrete actions the UK and Germany can take to work together and develop specific projects.

The meeting takes place as part of the Year of Science 2016/2017 focusing on the seas and the oceans.

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Feb 15, 2017 By jpar