Is it raining where you are now?

The ‘Sea is the Sky’ is an outdoor billboard campaign run by We Are Ocean in partnership with Glimpse. Activated when it rains throughout April 2019, city dwellers across the UK are encouraged to connect rain with the ocean, emphasising one of the life giving roles the ocean plays in our lives.

We Are Ocean is a collective of organisations (of which the MBA is a part) working together to accelerate ocean literacy in UK culture, raising understanding of our inextricable connection with the ocean. As an independent organisation with a core aim to promote the investigation, and to disseminate knowledge, of the seas and marine life, the MBA’s work seeks to better understand the marine environment and engage people in taking an active role in supporting conservation of our marine resources. There are many ways we do this, including many ways for YOU to get involved.

Through our dissemination programmes, the MBA undertakes education and outreach to engage people with the marine world by running projects, staging events and providing resources. We have been pioneering Ocean Literacy in Europe through the Sea Change project and EMSEA; we conduct citizen science and provide training and courses to promote skills development in marine biology; and through membership, we represent a global community of marine biology students, professionals, and enthusiasts speaking with a unified voice on behalf of the marine environment.

Through cutting-edge marine biological research led by scientists at the MBA laboratory in Plymouth, we examine how marine organisms function and explore their responses to changing environmental pressures, and apply the knowledge gained to promote the most sustainable use of our ocean. Additionally, we maintain some of the longest biological time-series in the world that provide a baseline to monitor changes in the environment; and host the national Data Archive for Seabed Species and Habitats (DASSH), the internationally recognised archive for marine life data.

Wherever you are, ‘the ocean touches you with every breath you take, every drop of water you drink, every bite you consume’. 

(Dr Sylvia Earle, MBA Honorary Fellow)

Apr 9, 2019 By elibas