PhD student in Marine Ecology (NOC) Harriet Dale recently won a grant at the Next Generation Sequencing Symposium in Southampton. Her project entitled “Sequencing a marine worm’s microbiome” highlighted the importance of these invertebrates in controlling biogeochemical processes.

The competition involved giving a 3-minute presentation at the Symposium at Southampton General Hospital campus (17th May, 2017), outlining what next generation sequencing research you would undertake with the grant money awarded from the Institute of Life Sciences at Southampton University.

Harriet, who is undertaking her PhD at the Marine Biological Association said, "Thank you to the symposium organisers and audience members for this great opportunity to further incorporate NGS data into my sediment ecology PhD research! I'll now be able to more closely examine the influence of invertebrate microbiomes on sediment microbial diversity, and I'm excited to come back and attend next year."

Harriet is part of the Cunliffe Group at the MBA.

Jun 14, 2017 By guba