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The October edition is all about how we do science and our relationship with nature. We proudly feature TV presenter Paul Rose, who also happens to be Expedition Leader for the National Geographic’s thrilling Pristine Seas project. Paul has years of experience leading exploration and making science possible in the most remote locations. Paul describes his role in the Pristine Seas project and how he has used the enforced pause in expedition activity caused by the COVID-19 pandemic to reflect on our relationship with nature. He offers a set of values which he hopes will bring young people closer to nature, and help society make better choices for the ocean.

Paul Rose with grouper in the Seychelles. Image: Manu San Felix

Readers of this edition can look forward to more excellent articles, ranging from our growing understanding of marine fungi, to why we need diversity in marine science, via a fascinating reminder of the crucial role of natural history. 

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You can see the full content list on the magazine web page here. Do check back later this month when we will be releasing an article by the Marine Stewardship Council on the effectiveness of National Plans of Action for protecting seabirds.

The back catalogue of issues is a freely available, high-quality marine life resource, underpinned by the authority and reach of the Marine Biological Association.

Oct 15, 2020 By guba