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Hello YMB Members! I hope you will join me in celebrating the news I bring for you today - The YMB Summit 2017 tickets are now available for sale - continue reading for more information. Also this month, the Blog brings you a YMB Member Article by Jordan Havell with his latest discoveries. Last but not least, I remind you that nominations for the 2017 UK Awards for Biological Recording and Information are still open, and share with you an interesting video about the journey of water. I hope you will enjoy this month's reading.

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YMB Summit Tickets

I am excited to announce that tickets for the YMB Summit 2017 are now on sale! Tickets are £30 per person and can be booked here.

Places are limited so don't leave buying your ticket until the last minute. I hope to see as many of you there as possible but if you can't make it this year, don't worry, we aim to make this an annual initiative that is toured around the country so we get to meet as many of you as possible over the coming years. 

Remember, we encourage you to present at the event either by giving a brief talk of by bringing a poster. The summer holiday is here and I hope this will give you an excellent excuse to head down to a shore near you to take pictures or do some research about your favourite marine creature. We would love to hear all about it at the Summit.

More information about the event can be found here. Do get in touch if you would like to discuss further.

YMB Member Article: Marine Wildlife and my interest in it

Some of you may remember Jordan’s YMB Member Article from September 2016 and in May 2017. I hope this new update from Jordan will inspire you to send us an article for the next blog publication which will earn you a MBA pin badge (see above). If you would like to find out more about the species Jordan is reporting here, please visit our MarLIN website. To find out more about mermaid purses, visit the Shark Trust website.

My name is Jordan Havell and I am 15. I have previously written blogs here - this is my latest one. Over the last few weeks I have found some very interesting sea creatures on my local beach in Lincolnshire. The tides and weather have been quite varied. I thought it may be good to share these details with you all.

Our first finds were Blood Red starfish - having asked around apparently they are referred to Bloody Henry starfish - species known as Henricia oculata or Henricia sanguinolenta. I believe the latter is more likely to be ours. On the same day we found an albino crab. It was very unusual and I have never seen one like it before - having lived here 12 years. I looked up reports and could only find one that related to a find in Cornwall several years ago.

A couple of days later we found a small totally white starfish. Again it was suggested to us that it maybe Asterias rubens - Common starfish, again I cannot find a white one. It was alive so we put it back into the tide.

Over the last few weeks we have found numerous mermaids purses which have been recorded to The Shark Trust. They consist of a Thornback ray, several Spotted rays and  some small spotted Catsharks - all listed as least concern on The IUCN Red List.

Just in the last couple of days we have found Crystal jellyfish - Aequorea victoria. There were several  stranded on the beach close to the tideline. I reported these to The Marine Conservation Society. These jellyfish are usually found off the west coast of North America - classified Hydrozoa. Some are solitary and some are colonial and mostly live in salt water. They are bioluminescent meaning they are able to produce and emit a light by a lving organism. Bioluminescence occurs widely in both marine vertebrates and invertebrates. The last time this species was recorded in the UK from records we have found is the Moray Firth, Scotland in 2009 and in the surface waters off Birsay,Orkney Islands,Scotland in 2011. We cannot find any records of it on the Lincolnshire coast at all.

It has been a very interesting time here on the coast and am looking forward to finding more unusual creatures very soon.

By Jordan Havell, YMB

Nominations are still opened for the 2017 UK Awards for Biological Recording and Information Sharing!

Developed in 2015 by the National Biodiversity Network, the National Forum for Biological Recording and the Biological Records Centre, these annual Awards celebrate the individuals, the newcomers and the groups of people or organisations that are making outstanding contributions to biological recording and improving our understanding of the natural world in the UK.

There are six categories of awards this year:

  • Gilbert White Youth Award for terrestrial and freshwater wildlife
  • Gilbert White Adult Award for terrestrial and freshwater wildlife
  • David Robertson Youth Award for marine and coastal wildlife
  • David Robertson Adult Award for marine and coastal wildlife
  • Lynne Farrell Group Award for wildlife recording
  • Adult Newcomer Award

All too often the painstaking work that individual and groups of biological recorders undertake is not publically recognised.  So help us put that right, and nominate your unsung hero!

Nominating someone couldn’t be simpler, just fill in our short form explaining how your nominee is making an exceptional contribution in the world of UK biological recording.  You can even nominate yourself!

Nominations close on 31 July, so please don’t leave it too late….. Bit.ly/NBNawards

This year, the five short-listed nominees from each award category will be announced on 29 September, giving us the opportunity to recognise the achievements of more biological recorders than in previous years.

The winners will be announced at a special ceremony that is part of the National Biodiversity Network's annual conference in November.

The Drip - a watery tale

Our friends at the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) in Devon, UK produced the beautiful video "The Drip - a watery tale". This short animation is great to raise awareness of the natural water cycle and human influence on it. I hope you enjoy it and please share!


Jul 27, 2017 By elibas