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RE: Talk, Annual General Meeting & Council Tea

On Thursday 16th November 2017 there will be Lectures, followed by the Annual General Meeting of the Association and Council Tea, and you are cordially invited to these events at the MBA Citadel Hill Laboratory in Plymouth. The programme is as follows:

2 – 2.15 pm        

Brief presentation given by MBA’s Dr Keith Hiscock entitled: ‘Celebrating Britain’s Hidden World’

“What do you think is out there?” is a question that I often ask bystanders as I get ready to go diving in Plymouth Sound. Usually, their answer is something like “it’s just mud isn’t it?”. Show them pictures of forests of sea fans or walls of jewel anemones and ask “where do you think these pictures were taken?” and they might venture “Red Sea?” or “Caribbean?” but not “Out there”.  The shallow seabed around the coast of Great Britain has a remarkable variety of habitats and associated communities of species. Those habitats have been sampled and described for over 200 years with much pioneering work carried out by MBA researchers from the end of the 19th century onwards. Over the past 50 years, I have been part of research programmes to better understand what is where and why it’s there. A fortuitous combination of interests in marine biology, diving and photography, together with a lot of luck in the jobs that I have had, has enabled me to see at least a part of the ‘big picture’. It was time to pull together the knowledge that we have!

2.15 – 3.25 pm

Annual Science Lecture by MBA Council Member Professor Rory Wilson (Biosciences, Swansea University) entitled: ‘Smart moves or just vague rambling? What studies of movement might reveal about the inner workings of animals

People have been studying animal movement for centuries. But between being blown away by extraordinary feats of navigation between continents, fascinated by the complexity of collective animal movement and, frankly, gob-smacked by phenomenal athletes like billfish and beaked whales, we are all trying to find out about the purposes and rules behind animal movement, many of which are obscure. This talk will present some of the animal-attached technology being used to study the movement of wild creatures, and then attempt to use data derived from these tags to talk about things that are the subject of some speculation; animal state, behaviour and why, exactly, animal trajectories look the way they do.

3.30 pm   Annual General Meeting (in the Wolfson Room) Chaired by Professor Phil Rainbow FMBA

4.15 pm  Council Tea (in Common Room) Members are invited to Council tea together with staff and retired MBA staff.

Please register your attendance by emailing

Dr Matt Frost

Interim Director & Secretary / Marine Biological Association

Oct 17, 2017 By guba