The MBA would like to advertise a funded PhD opportunity, hosted by the University of Liverpool and supervised by Nova Mieszkowska of the Marine Biodiversity and Climate Change group at the MBA.

With co-supervisors at the University of Sheffield, the MBA is co-funding the award. The student will spend part of their PhD working at the MBA.

Project title: In-situ sustained monitoring and eDNA techniques for determining responses of intertidal species to environmental change

About the Project

Climate change is the biggest threat to global security, human health, and biodiversity. It is affecting marine ecosystems through pervasive changes in climatic conditions and climate variability, increased frequency of extreme events and sea level rise. There is a need to understand the ecological dynamics of climate change impacts to identify hotspots of vulnerability and resilience and to identify management interventions that may assist biosphere resilience to climate change. Sustained observations monitoring can track and quantify changes, and is critical for predicting future changes, however, visual surveys do not always record all species present, especially rare or cryptic species. We will test whether the match between thermal affinity and thermal habitat differs between species with different life histories and habitat preferences. The project will use global databases, high quality data from UK surveys, and new data generated using eDNA techniques. This PhD will suit a student looking to expand upon their ecological, molecular, and statistical analysis skills within a field that is at the top of the global research and political agendas.



Nov 5, 2020 By loiflo