We are proud to announce that the first ever July edition of The Marine Biologist magazine is
now on release!

The Marine Biologist is the world's leading magazine dedicated to marine biology, bringing you the best in research, careers, conservation, policy and more. We have been working to improve TMB and make it more easily accessible. We have doubled production to 4 editions a year, which means more marine biology news and articles, and more big-name authors. Most importantly, more frequent publication means more opportunities for MBA members around the world to get involved and have their work published alongside well-known figures in the field.

Access to the most recent editions is restricted to MBA members, but back issues of the magazine are now available online via our magazine reader, so everyone can read The Marine Biologist, anytime, anywhere!

For readers in the Northern hemisphere, four issues a year means a summer edition of The Marine Biologist! Our cover story in the latest issue is a very timely article about new technology that enables automatic detection, identification, and recording of jellyfish. Continuing the summer theme, we introduce The Rock Pool Project, a citizen science project and social enterprise that promises to provide access to the wonders of rock pools well into the future. We also have a fascinating in-depth look at how researchers reveal the pristine past of damaged marine ecosystems, to establish realistic targets for future restoration. 

For an idea of the breadth and quality of our content, have a look at the Editor's top ten articles!

The Marine Biologist magazine is one of the benefits of MBA membership. The MBA is a Royal Charter body with a growing membership – notably among young and aspiring marine biologists.

We are the voice, and future, of marine biology. Find out more about joining the MBA.

Jul 20, 2020 By guba