CoCoastSW Plastic Awareness event

Thursday 15th June 2017

All the plastic ever made is still on our planet and will be for hundreds of years. Capturing our Coast Southwest at the Marine Biological Association (MBA) are raising awareness of the impacts they are having on our oceans and what we can all do to reduce it.

CoCoastSW will be running a local beach clean followed by an evening seminar on Thursday 15th June. The Marine Conservation Society will be joining us during the day as we record data at Jennycliff Beach for MCS Beachwatch, a national beach cleaning and litter surveying programme.

In the evening we are delighted to have a special guest lecture at the MBA by Professor Richard Thompson from Plymouth University who has been researching the effects of plastics in our oceans for over 20 years. We will also be joined by a number of local and national groups campaigning about plastic pollution in the marine environment, and will be discussing ways to get involved in reducing plastic, from joining the Marine Conservation Society’s no single-use plastics month, to getting involved with two minute beach cleans.

This event is open to everyone. If you would like to join us please sign up here:


Jun 13, 2017 By guba