Behind-the-scenes voluntary support is essential to the running of the CPR survey.

Lance Gregory and Dave Wilson from the MBA's Continuous Plankton Recorder (CPR) team recently visited Immingham port to meet several of our supporters whose work and collaboration are essential to the running of the CPR survey.

During the visit they had the opportunity to meet staff from DFDS, Eimskip, Sea Cargo and Drury Engineering, all of whom provide invaluable support to our long-running time series Survey.

Dockside staff and agents found out about our work through a “double act” presentation on the CPR Survey. The presentation explained the Survey in depth and highlighted just some of the science that has been generated from its findings. The visit reinforced the reasons the Survey is essential to long-term marine science and how much the volunteers' work is appreciated.

Immingham is one of the major ports that supports the Survey and Lance and David thank all involved for their commitment and continued support.

Lance Gregory (standing) of the CPR Survey meets staff from DFDS at Immingham port.

Jul 17, 2018 By guba