"The United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021–2030 was conceived as a means of highlighting the need for greatly increased global cooperation to restore degraded and destroyed ecosystems, contributing to efforts to combat climate change and safeguard biodiversity, food security, and water supply".

The latest edition of The Marine Biologist is dedicated to the UN decade, and in celebration of this we are making articles from the magazine freely available online. Furthermore, we a launching a new online initiative: 'The Marine Biologist Deep Dive' (see below), an online Q&A session with authors to discuss the topic of their articles in more detail.

The articles illustrate two very different aspects of marine ecosystem restoration: coral reef restoration and restorative aquaculture. Both are global in scope and ambitious in their aim to yield positive ecosystem and economic outcomes.

Open Access articles

Coral reef restoration is emerging as a strategy to combat the coral reef crisis, but, in an era of warming seas, is it a worthwhile endeavour? Dive in to this fascinating, global overview of the science and practical implementation of coral reef restoration by Ian McLeod and Maxine Newlands.

Can restorative aquaculture feed a growing population and restore our marine ecosystems? This article was written by Kellyanne Batchelor in collaboration with Dr Seth Theuerkauf, aquaculture scientist with The Nature Conservancy and lead author of the study in the journal PLoS ONE, A global spatial analysis reveals where marine aquaculture can benefit nature and people.

We thought it would be great to hear from researchers who have practical involvement in restorative aquaculture projects, and we are fortunate that such collaborative projects are underway close to the MBA's Plymouth, UK headquarters. Read more about restorative aquaculture projects in Southwest England.

The Marine Biologist Deep Dive

Welcome to The Marine Biologist Deep Dive, an online Q&A for MBA members offering the opportunity to explore in more detail topics covered in the magazine! For our first event we will expand the conversation around the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration, and are delighted to be joined by a leading researcher in coral reef restoration science, Ian McLeod, Principal Research Scientist at James Cook University, and Gabriel Grimsditch, Programme Management Officer at the Marine and Freshwater Branch of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Tune in to hear inspiring views from the experts: what the decade is, who is it for, what it means to you and how you can get involved.This first episode took place on 14th May 2020 and the full event is available on our YouTube channel.

Further resources relating to the UN Decade:

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