A Minister for the Marine Environment is amongst recommendations from the Marine Biological Association (MBA) and the British Ecological Society (BES) following a joint workshop which brought their members together to identify how the UK can remain a world leader in marine science post-Brexit.

Hosted in October 2017, the workshop highlighted a set of recommendations to improve prospects for marine science and policy in the UK after Brexit:

  1. Appoint a Minister for the Marine Environment
  2. Monitoring, management and enforcement should be adequately resourced
  3. A re-organisation of funding mechanisms post-Brexit

Discussions centred around finding significant funding (particularly those funds currently resourced from the European Union (EU)); global research and collaboration; marine environmental protection; and using Brexit as an opportunity to strengthen policy links.

The main challenges and opportunities for marine environmental policy in the UK were identified along with aims of ensuring continued delivery of high-quality marine biological and ecological science in the UK.

Focus from the workshop lies with the call for a Government Minister for the Marine Environment, engaging industry and research via UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), potentially giving UK marine science the priority and resources deserved.

The workshop report and recommendations were published Friday 8th June 2018.

Jun 13, 2018 By guba