Tuesday's session at Teats Hill this week was focused on plastic pollution in our oceans.

We helped the children understand the impact of their rubbish by using a timeline game to show them how long different types of rubbish take to break down, getting them to initially guess what they thought - as you can imagine everyone underestimated the time!! Following that we had a very productive litter pick which all parties involved loved. One 13 year-old commented 'I really enjoyed that, its nice to make a difference.'. It is unfortunately shocking how much we collected in just half an hour at Teats Hill - one child even found a sleeping mat! - but we were really pleased to prevent it from entering the ocean.

We also did lots of plastic crafts, making squids, turtles, fish and jellyfish from plastic bottles - they were amazing and I was very impressed with the creativity and enthusiasm shown! There was an excellent low tide and so we spent about an hour finding life within the seaweed - one of the teenagers was particularly fascinated and soaked up all the information I was telling her like a sponge. It was nice to see so much interest and excitement and to be able to enlighten them to the sheer amount of life in what can appear to the untrained eye a 'lifeless' habitat.

Beth Scrivener

Aug 16, 2018 By guba