Aquarium Equipment Suppliers Needed

Posted on Dec 9, 2020

Seawater Hall
European Regional Development Fund Supply and Installation of Aquarium Equipment TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS

The Marine Biological Association (MBA) based in Plymouth, UK wishes to advertise an opportunity to supply and install aquarium equipment in separate lots for 12 single unit aquaria. We are looking for suppliers to provide some or all of the equipment listed below:

Lot 1: Rectangular Aquaria Tanks of approximately 1000-1400 L volume capacity, with a minimum 90 cm depth, insulated or non-insulated. Lot 1 budget £7,500.00, 11% total budget

Lot 2: Aquarium computer controllers (monitor and modify water quality by use of probes and operating float switches, valves and other equipment) with pH electrode, redox sensors, conductivity electrode, salinity and temperature sensors – expandable to include oxygen probes....

YMBs' Ocean Decade Writing Challenge!

Posted on Dec 8, 2020

We want you to write an original essay on the theme of ‘a decade in the ocean’ — you could write about what you think will change in science in the next ten years, what you think might be discovered, your own personal relationship with the ocean or how you think (or hope) people will change the way they use and protect the ocean. You can, if you want, write about something you've heard about at the 2020 Young Marine Biologist Summit (even if you didn’t attend the summit you can still enter).

YMB Writing Challenge

Tips: We are looking for essays that are well researched, imaginative, thought-provoking and which offer us an insight into your personal views and hopes for the future of the ocean. We’d like to get a sense for why the ocean matters to you. You can write in any style; you can be serious, or funny, or a mixture of both. Think of how you can grab the...

Plymouth Scientists Join Call for Major Shift in Understanding to Protect the Ocean

Posted on Nov 25, 2020

Marine scientists from Plymouth have contributed to a new international report calling for an urgent change in the way we think and talk about the ocean in a post-COVID world.

November 2020 YMB Blog

Posted on Nov 23, 2020

Welcome back to the YMB blog! In this month's blog: YMB Summit 2020 - THIS WEEKEND! Ullapool Sea Savers - a blog by Poppy Lewis-Ing The Jellyfish Swam poem by Harry Turner An introduction to PhD student Laura Branscombe Book reviews and a call for contributions! A short film: Wonderful Wembury Bay

Remember: we want the YMB blog to be written by you, for you! If you've got something you'd like to write about, or another contribution that you'd like to share with other YMBs, please get in contact by emailing ! We love to hear your stories about everything marine.

1. The 4th YMB Summit is happening virtually THIS WEEKEND!

YMB Summit 2020 line up

We've got a very exciting line-up of speakers, discussing everything from the deep sea to coral reefs, how to share science (dancing...

New MBA Fellows Announced

Posted on Nov 17, 2020

The Laboratory
Following the Marine Biological Association's Council meeting at the beginning of November, we are excited to be welcoming three new Fellows of the MBA. Dr Ranjeet Bhagooli FMBA , University of Mauritius

Ranjeet Bhagooli

Dr Bhagooli [CMarSci (Oceanography) CSci CBiol FMBA FRSB FIMAREST, UK] is an Associate Professor and leads the Pole of Research Excellence in Sustainable Marine Biodiversity at the University of Mauritius. He studies tropical ecosystems including coral reefs. Dr Bhagooli participated in research cruises such as the FAO EAF-Nansen 2018 Research Cruise on board the “R/V Dr Fridtjof Nansen” and the 2005 expedition at the Australian Casey Antarctic Base on board the “Aurora Australis”. He serves as the Vice-President of the Western Indian Ocean Association of Marine Science and a councillor of the International Coral Reef Society.


Funded PhD Opportunity with the MarClim Group

Posted on Nov 5, 2020

Kelp Forest in Scotland
The MBA would like to advertise a funded PhD opportunity, hosted by the University of Liverpool and supervised by Nova Mieszkowska of the Marine Biodiversity and Climate Change group at the MBA. With co-supervisors at the University of Sheffield, the MBA is co-funding the award. The student will spend part of their PhD working at the MBA. Project title: In-situ sustained monitoring and eDNA techniques for determining responses of intertidal species to environmental change About the Project Climate change is the biggest threat to global security, human health, and biodiversity. It is affecting marine ecosystems through pervasive changes in climatic conditions and climate variability, increased frequency of extreme events and sea level rise. There is a need to understand the ecological dynamics of climate change impacts to identify hotspots of...

MBA Fellow David Sims wins ZSL Marsh Award

Posted on Nov 4, 2020

David Sims
Senior Research Fellow David Sims wins ZSL Marsh Award for contributions of shark research to conservation ZSL Marsh Award for Marine Conservation has recognised the contributions of fundamental research into the “secret lives of sharks” to ecosystem conservation.

A marine scientist at the Marine Biological Association (MBA) in Plymouth, and the University of Southampton, has been awarded the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) Marsh Award for Marine Conservation. The award has been given to Professor David Sims, an MBA Senior Research Fellow and leader of the Sims Lab.

The ZSL Committee were unanimous in their decision, recognising the high-impact work of Professor Sims into fundamental shark science and its application to marine conservation. Professor Sims’ work, now spanning 25 years, aims to advance scientific knowledge of shark behaviour and...