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Hello and welcome to the September YMB Blog! We hope you enjoyed reading last month’s stories? So today we have lots of exciting marine biology news, information about upcoming events and our first ever YMB Member Article for you. Continue reading to find out more.

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Meet the new YMB Officer

Hello YMB members! My name is Eliane, and I am the new YMB officer. This means that you can contact me anytime with questions, suggestions, comments, etc.

My love of the sea and my determination to tell others about it led me to pursuing a career in Marine Life Education. As a result, I have been with the MBA’s Education team for the past two years. My hope is that together we will make a difference in protecting our seas and ocean for many generations to come. I am also really passionate about science, and actually studied Applied Biology at university, with the ambition of developing a career in science. I am always amazed to learn about the mechanisms that support life and worked in aquatic sciences research during the early years of my career, driven to help uncover new information about the still largely unexplored marine environment. It is important that science and education keep working together, and I really enjoy my love of both worlds. In your journey as a member of the Marine Biological Association, I hope you will join me in this mission of being an ambassador for our amazing marine environment, be it through science, education or conservation. I would love to hear from you as often as possible, including about your career ambitions, so please get in touch!

How is your life connected with the ocean?: Sea Change

Without understanding the world’s Ocean*, it might be difficult to appreciate why we need to respect and look after our marine environment. To understand the Ocean, including how our lives are connected to it, is called Ocean Literacy. Sea Change is a Europe-wide project led by the MBA aiming to help increase people’s Ocean Literacy. If you want to understand better what being ocean literate means, check out the Sea Change videos, Increasing Ocean Literacy and Human Health and the Ocean, to learn more about how our lives are connected to the seas and ocean. And remember to share the videos with your friends and family to help raise awareness of how the ocean affects our health and wellbeing and of the importance of looking after it. This way, you and I are helping Sea Change increase Ocean Literacy across Europe!

Why one ‘Ocean’? – A key principle of Ocean Literacy is that all seas and oceans around the world are connected and essentially form a single large Ocean that covers 70% of our planet and should be considered and protected in a joined-up way.

Summer Events

The summer holiday is here! Do you want to spend time by the sea, learn about marine life and have fun? There are lots of events for you to get involved with:

Join us in Weston-super-Mare (near Bristol, UK) on Saturday 6th August for some crabbing alongside the Bristol Nature Network

Come to some of the Beach Rangers‘ FREE events in Plymouth.

Sign up to help with a beach clean anywhere in the UK with Beach Watch

Or why not check out the National Trust’s 50 things to do before you are 11 ¾ challenge?

If you love recording marine and other wildlife, why not join the MBA team at the Croyde BioBlitz (North Devon, UK) on the 17-18 September? Or book the weekend of 14-15 October to come help with the MBA’s annual bioblitz which is taking place here in Plymouth? Never heard of a Bioblitz? Find out more about these fun events here.

Do you know of any events near you and would like fellow YMB members to know about? Please get in touch to let us know!

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