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Supply and Installation of Aquarium Equipment


The Marine Biological Association (MBA) based in Plymouth, UK wishes to advertise an opportunity to supply and install aquarium equipment in separate lots for 12 single unit aquaria. We are looking for suppliers to provide some or all of the equipment listed below:

  • Lot 1: Rectangular Aquaria Tanks of approximately 1000-1400 L volume capacity, with a minimum 90 cm depth, insulated or non-insulated.  Lot 1 budget £7,500.00, 11% total budget

  • Lot 2: Aquarium computer controllers (monitor and modify water quality by use of probes and operating float switches, valves and other equipment) with pH electrode, redox sensors, conductivity electrode, salinity and temperature sensors – expandable to include oxygen probes. Including any required powerbars and powerhubs.  Lot 2 Budget £13,500.00, 20% total budget

  • Lot 3: Water quality/control equipment (general aquarium equipment) including 1000L capacity biofilters, 1000L capacity UV filters, pumps, 1000L capacity protein skimmers, 2 x 600w titanium heaters and 2000L capacity chillers.  Lot 3 budget £24,000, 35% budget.

  • Lot 4: Lighting. A) Supplying Custom made LED light panels capable of producing 100 PAR at 60cm depth over 1m2 and B) installation of the lighting into the aquarium system with assistance from MBA staff.  Lot 4 Budget £4,000.00, 6% of budget.

  • Lot 5: Tank plumbing and operating equipment – 12 x 32mm electric solenoid valves, pipework, cabeling, FPS sheeting, waterproof cabinets.  Lot 5 budget £11,500.00, 17% of budget.

  • Lot 6: Installation service of aquaria equipment from Lot 1-5 at MBA in Plymouth.  Lot 6 budget £7,000.00, 10% of budget.

Above amounts include VAT

Suppliers can bid for as many lots as they wish. Suppliers need to be registered business in the EU, with comprehensive business insurance and a proven track record of supplying commercial or large-scale aquaria for the past 5 years. All equipment needs to comply with EU safety regulations with a minimum 2 years warranty on equipment. All bidders should explain how their quote meets the requirements and criteria for the lot for which they applied.

The criteria for selecting the successful candidate(s) will be chosen based on:

1. Value for money

2. Fit for purpose

3. Level of experience of supplier

4. Quality of product based on customer satisfaction on their products

5. Speed of delivery

6. Warranty and post-purchase servicing agreement (length of cover and number of visits)

7. Timely and full quote by 4pm on 15 January 2021.


Closing date for clarification questions 7 January 2021

Clarification questions and answers published 12 January 2021

Closing date for tender submissions 15 January 2021

Contract Start Date 20 January 2021

Contract End date 28 February 2021

Clarification questions should be sent to Rowena Stern ( and Alix Harvey ( by 7 January 2021. A written quotation excluding and including VAT for supplies, shipping costs, services and timelines for delivery should be submitted to by 16:00 of Friday 15 January 2021. Successful bidders will be selected using the above criteria.

Bidders should provide with their quotation:

1.Company details

  • Name of main contact

  • Proof of company registration and nature of business:

  • Employers and Public Liability Insurance certificates

  • Environmental Policy

  • Health and Safety Policy

2. Itemised list of items and a description of their suitability for each Lot.

3. Experience: Please provide examples of previous involvement in similar projects to the requirement

4. Quality of Product:

Please provide 2 examples of similar previous products provided within the past 3 years with the following details:

  • Description of contract

  • Dates

  • Value of contract

  • Contact details and name of client contact who we may approach for a reference or evidence of product reviews.

5. Warranty information for items quoted and service agreements available.

6. Estimated delivery period from being purchased

Please see attached documents for Evaluation Criteria and Q&A Mesocosm Equipment to help answer any questions bidders may have.

MBA 002 Evaluation Criteria (pdf)

MBA 002 FAQ Mesocosm Equipment (pdf)

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