May 2020 YMB Blog

marine biology student life
Welcome to the May 2020 YMB Blog! Hello YMB Members! This month’s YMB Bulletin Blog brings you some really exciting content to satisfy your thirst for marine biology knowledge. So whether you are looking for things to read, watch or play, or are...

November 2019 YMB Blog

Welcome to the November 2019 YMB Blog! Hello YMB Members! This month’s YMB Bulletin brings you some really exciting news and opportunities, especially for those of you starting to think of future careers in marine biology, those interested in climate change and the keen readers out there. So continue reading to find out more about why you should join us at the YMB Summit 2019, how to apply for Work Experience at the MBA, and for opportunities to apply to write YMB book reviews. And remember, we would love you to contribute to the content of this blog as much as possible. Please share your stories, reports, finds and photos with us. Sharing your photos, writing, art work comments or questions with us for use in future blog content and bulletins may earn you an exclusive MBA pin badge! (see picture) email to: or share with us on Facebook , Twitter or Instagram YMB Summit2019 Logo_with Pink.jpg YMB Summit coming up! We are excited to announce that the YMB Summit 2019 will be returning to the home of marine biology; Plymouth. Tickets are now on sale and cost £30 for non-members and £20 for members. You can find more information here . Places are limited so don't leave buying your ticket until the last minute. I hope to see as many of you there as possible but if you can't make it this year, don't worry, we aim to make this annual initiative one that is toured around the country so we get to meet as many of you as possible over the coming years. Bursaries: The YMB Summit is all about helping you gain important skills for your future career. We chose Climate Change as the theme for this year and want to encourage YOU to share your views/knowledge on the subject by giving a pre-prepared 7 minutes talk or poster presentation during the Summit. A limited number of bursaries to help with the cost of the ticket is available for those who are selected to give talks. So, in order to be fair with everybody, please send a short (up to 150 words) paragraph summarising the topic of your presentation and why it is important to . The deadline for applications is 1 December . This process is designed to mimic the submission of an abstract for presentation at a conference, which is a process marine biologists experience on a regular basis throughout their professional careers. Please do consider making the most of this unique opportunity to practice key skills in a safe environment. If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call +44(0)1752 426331.

Marine Science Camps 2019

Participant Seabird and marine mammal sampling
Over 100 young people, mainly aged 16-18, took part in the 2019 Marine Science Camps programme. The six camps were hosted at well-equipped FSC centres across the UK, and were co-delievered by experienced FSC tutors and MBA marine biologists. Each...

May 2019 YMB Blog

world ocean day for schools
Welcome to the May 2019 YMB Blog! Hello YMB Members! As promised, the return of the YMB Blog brings some exciting opportunities for you. Whether you have just joined and are new to the community, and whether you are 6 or 16 years old, there is...

July 2017 YMB Blog

Welcome to the July 2017 YMB Blog! Hello YMB Members! I hope you will join me in celebrating the news I bring for you today - The YMB Summit 2017 tickets are now available for sale - continue reading for more information. Also this month, the Blog...

May 2017 YMB Blog

Welcome to the May 2017 YMB Blog! Hello YMB Members! We are still busy working behind the scenes planning the exclusive YMB Summit event for you, which will take place on 28th October 2017. So this month’s Blog brings you some brief marine biology...

April 2017 YMB Blog

Welcome to the April 2017 YMB Blog! Hello YMB Members! You might be wondering why have we been so quiet with the YMB updates? Well, we have been busy working behind the scenes planning an exclusive event for you. We are delighted to announce that...

January 2017 YMB Blog

Necora puber, velvet swimming crab, devil's crab
Welcome to 2017 and the January YMB Blog! Hello and Happy New Year YMB Members! First of all, I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Festive Season and are looking forward to the adventures and challenges ahead. This month’s Blog brings you the usual...

December 2016 YMB Blog

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Welcome to the December YMB Blog! Season’s Greetings and welcome to the December YMB Blog! There are some very exciting marine biology headlines to report this month that we hope you will enjoy reading about. In the Member Article section, we hear...