Beluga whale spotted in the Thames

Attention turned to the river Thames on Tuesday (25 September), where a beluga whale was spotted almost 2,000 miles south of its typical geographic range: the southernmost UK sighting. Marine mammal scientist and MBA member Prof. Chris Parsons said...

MBA Research Vessels

Salpa whose ship’s bell hangs above, was the sea-going facility of the Marine Biological Association from 1921 to 1939. She was an 88ft long, coal burning, ex-Admiralty steam drifter/trawler, built for minesweeping in World War I...

Welcome to the wonderful world of jellyfish

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The blue jellyfish (Cyanea lamarckii)

Jellyfish (Cnidaria and Ctenophora) What is a jellyfish? Most people associate the word “jellyfish” with the large, gelatinous creatures seen in harbours and stranded on beaches. These are known as Scyphozoans and...

Make a Sea Change

Sea Change reports - the Sea Change project is coming to an end but wanted to refer to its great achievements over the last three years and the ongoing work. Make a small change for a sea change:
Jon Parr

Lee Bay Biobllitz

MBA Bioblitz 2017
We are very pleased to announce that our 2017 BioBlitz will be at Lee Bay, near Illfracombe, North Devon on the 22nd - 23rdSeptember. The event will be run in partnership with North Devon Coast AONB and Coastwise North Devon . Coastal Creatures and...
Jon Parr

The Beach Rangers are back!

Beach Rangers at Kinterbury Creek
The Beach Rangers are back: join us for marine adventures this summer! Beach Rangers run free family-friendly events on Plymouth’s beautiful shores. Join us on Wednesdays at Teat’s Hill and Thursdays...