Marine Biologist for a Day 2019; what a week!

Last week people around the UK celebrated National Science Week, which means the return of the very successful event: ‘Marine Biologist for a Day’! The Marine Biological Association hosted children of primary and secondary school ages alike for...

Sir Edwin Ray Lankester FRS (1847-1929)

Sir Edwin Ray Lankester FRS (1847-1929)
Sir Edwin Ray Lankester FRS (1847-1929) Ray Lankester was a brilliant zoologist who studied arthropods, molluscs and protozoans. His teaching career began under Professor T.H. Huxley at the then Royal College of Science, but he later held chairs at...

Beluga whale spotted in the Thames

Attention turned to the river Thames on Tuesday (25 September), where a beluga whale was spotted almost 2,000 miles south of its typical geographic range: the southernmost UK sighting. Marine mammal scientist and MBA member Prof. Chris Parsons said...

MBA Research Vessels

Salpa whose ship’s bell hangs above, was the sea-going facility of the Marine Biological Association from 1921 to 1939. She was an 88ft long, coal burning, ex-Admiralty steam drifter/trawler, built for minesweeping in World War I...

Welcome to the wonderful world of jellyfish

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The blue jellyfish (Cyanea lamarckii)

Jellyfish (Cnidaria and Ctenophora) What is a jellyfish? Most people associate the word “jellyfish” with the large, gelatinous creatures seen in harbours and stranded on beaches. These are known as Scyphozoans and...

Make a Sea Change

Sea Change reports - the Sea Change project is coming to an end but wanted to refer to its great achievements over the last three years and the ongoing work. Make a small change for a sea change:
Jon Parr

Lee Bay Biobllitz

MBA Bioblitz 2017
We are very pleased to announce that our 2017 BioBlitz will be at Lee Bay, near Illfracombe, North Devon on the 22nd - 23rdSeptember. The event will be run in partnership with North Devon Coast AONB and Coastwise North Devon . Coastal Creatures and...
Jon Parr

The Beach Rangers are back!

Beach Rangers at Kinterbury Creek
The Beach Rangers are back: join us for marine adventures this summer! Beach Rangers run free family-friendly events on Plymouth’s beautiful shores. Join us on Wednesdays at Teat’s Hill and Thursdays...