In addition to the MBA Research Fellows, a number of other research scientists contribute to the research activities of the MBA.

Associate Research Fellowships provide an academic basis for externally-funded principal investigators to contribute to the further development of the Association.

Dr John Bishop

Dr David Conway

Dr Keith Hiscock

Dr Ian Joint

Dr Olivia Langmead

Prof Linda K Medlin

Dr Nick Pope

Dr David Conway

Visiting Research Fellowships provide specific laboratory facilities for scientists employed by appropriate, usually non-local, organisations and not resident at the MBA to carry out research to the further development of the Association.

Dr Brad Amos FRS (Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge)

Dr David Ogden (Université Paris Descartes, France)

Dr Brad Amos (right) presenting the poster prize at the Advanced Optical Microscopy workshop

Lankester Research Fellowships enable distinguished scientists to continue their research work to the further development of the Association. Lankester Research Fellowships are named after Sir Edwin Ray Lankester FRS (1847-1929), who was an influential figure in the founding of the MBA and its first Honorary Secretary.

Dr Gerald Boalch

Dr Quentin Bone FRS

Prof Paul Dando

Prof Stephen J. Hawkins

Prof Robin Pingree

Prof Philip C. Reid (SAHFOS)

Dr Eve Southward

Prof Roddy Williamson

Dr Gerald Boalch examining a phytoplankton sample