PhD student Charlotte Walker won the prestigious Manton prize for her presentation at BPS2017, the Annual Meeting of the British Phycological Society. The Manton Prize (named in honour of the famous botanist and phycologist Irene Manton) is awarded each year to the best student speaker at the Annual Meeting of the BPS, hosted this year at the School of Ocean Sciences, Bangor University. Charlotte, a MBA PhD student belonging to the SPITFIRE Doctoral Training Partnership, presented her research entitled 'Plenty more coccolithophores in the sea; exploring calcification in different species'. Coccolithophores are a major group of marine phytoplankton that play an important role in the marine carbon cycle. Charlotte’s research has identified key physiological differences between some of the most abundant coccolithophore species, which will help scientists to better understand the roles of these species in marine ecosystems.